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- a year of Romanian Letters-


1. About « Romanian Letters »

Romanian Letter is actually very simple: each week we will post three external links to articles that tell a small part of our common story. The articles are grouped in three categories, “People & events”. “Places & Museums” and “Wine & cuisine”. Among the recommended articles, there will be some written in English. By this, we hope to give a hand to all foreigners who want to discover Romania- beyond all stereotypes. The purpose of Romanian Letters isn't to show that Romania is better or worse than any other country but only to reveal it's unicity. We wish to discover Romania drop by drop, story by story, letter by letter.


2. A year of « Romanian Letters » : plenty of achievements

            elite-art-galleryApril 2012 saw the official launch of Romanian Letters, an event that took place at Elite Art Gallery in Bucharest. We took that opportunity to share with our guests (media people, partners, friends) the vision behind our project. The event was also a great opportunity for us to meet new people who share our faith in a stereotype-free Romania.


            1000chipuriOn April 25th, Romanian Letters organized yet another event- this time, a far less formal one, at a cozy wine bar in Bucharest (‘1000 de chipuri’ wine bar) . We again presented our vision and goals, but also invited our guests to take part in a video experiment. What we did was to record them while they talked about the places they love in Romania and the Romanian personalities that make them feel proud about their nationality..

The lunch of Romanian Letters gained some remarkable media interest. Some of the interviews given by members of our team can be found at the following links:(please note that the interviews are in Romanian only) (interviu pentru radio România Actualităţi), (interviu pentru RRI), (radio Lynx).



Social media is particularly important to us. Not only do we administrate an official page, but we constantly lunch certain campaigns that are conceived especially for Facebook. In 2012, we created and posted on our Facebook page a series of images captioned with questions about Romania (we asked the members of our online community to name their favorite Romanian personality, to name their favorite Romanian place and to define Romania in three words).


As a supporter of the Romanian wines, Romanian Letters was proud to take part, as a media partner, to the wine tasting organized on the 27th of September by Avincis winery (again, at the ‘1000 de chipuri’ wine bar).

activ-efemSeptember 2012 also saw the lunch of one of Romanian Letter’s biggest projects: as part of an agreement with Activ eFeM radio, we started producing and presenting a weekly radio show, in which we bid to promote Romanian personalities, projects and events. You can listen to the show every Tuesday at 6 PM EET on live stream on (if you are in Bucharest, you can also listen to the show on 92,7 FM).

Armed with enthusiasm and plenty of ideas, we are determined to achieve even greater things in the years to come, in our bid to promote what’s best about Romania.

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