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AICC, a year on...

Everything began with an idea: what if we could change the image people have of us as Romanians? What if we could show everyone that we are a country with a rich cultural environment that deserves to be known? What if we could teach everyone that by respecting your country you actually respect yourself?

The Association for Contemporary Cultural Identity (AICC) hopes to make Romanians all around the world aware and proud of their common cultural identity. A team of enthusiastic and eager people has managed to put into action an idea that seemed almost utopic.

In 2012, our association’s first year of life, we fortified the foundations of our projects and have learned that it is never purposeless to stand up for what is important to you. Everything that we have done this year gives us hope that 2013 will bring us even greater accomplishments.

The main projects carried out by AICC are Statui de daci/ Statues of Dacians (a portal which tries to bring to the public attention the statues of Dacians made by ancient Roman sculptors) and Romanian Letters, a website that aims to promote “good news” about Romania.


Ana Soviany,
project coordinator AICC
December 2012


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